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By following a programme that enhances natural digestive processes, Stossier says that within 14 days his diet will not just help you to lose a substantial amount of weight, but it can also put an end to bloating and digestive problems, give you more energy and clearer skin - and might even help you sleep better.

Easy to follow, with no calorie counting or living off cabbage soup for weeks, the Viva Mayr Diet promises to change your eating habits and shape for ever.

Hutchinson is the senior vice president of the New York-based beauty products corporation Maesa, which produces and markets the items Barrymore sells for her Flower Beauty company.

'There is no mystery to losing weight; cut down on carbohydrates - and the amount you eat overall - and increase your intake of unsaturated fatty acids,' says Dr Stossier.Visitors do not come for the clean air and strudel, however.The Viva Mayr clinic is renowned for its strict - but incredibly effective - 'cure' that purges the body of toxins, leaving your body more toned, your stomach flatter and skin brighter in a matter of days.Although, like any diet, what you eat is important, on the Viva Mayr Diet To start losing weight, Dr Stossier says you need to be aware of your digestive system's rhythms.'Just as our bodies and minds tire towards the evening, so does our digestive system,' he explains.

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