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to match Report(s) data source names with Url of SSRS data connection file. Useful after change of database or analysis services (olap) server or if Share Point server have been migrated to new domain. Ensure to apply this to avoid this issue if it happens @ ) # All SSRS reports (found in webservice/sitecoll defined in report Server Uri) will be assigned rsds file from below: $ssrs DSMappings = @( @, @, @ ) # Text replace mappings for Excel ODC Connection URL (Not this is not for actual connection string in Excel only ODC Url, # The actual connection string should be defined in replace Items above # This will also be used for replacement of urls in excel viewer webparts $pure Url Replace Items = @( @, @, @, # XLS - XLSX (To solve after XLS files have been converted to XLSX) @ ) # Other variables # ----------------- $global:item List = New-Object System. When RDL report files are migrated to a new environment the old Url cannot be found and will become blank in new enivironment: Function Set English Culture # Run once again if this does not work... Download Power Shell script (bundle) # Script to Update url and server references in Share Point content after Share Point/sql server/sql analysis server migration # # Jonas Widriksson, 2015 # # The script handles the following scenarios: # - Search and replace text in files (ODC, RSDS (and whatever extension you like to include) # - Search and replace text in Excel files embedded connection string # - Search and replace text in Excel ODC Url connection string # - Search and replace text Excel Viewer Web Part Url (reference to Excel file) # - Map SSRS report data sources to mapping list below and assign the correct shared data source # Configuration variables # ----------------------- # Run for: $run For Text = $false $run For Excel Web Parts = $false $run For Excel XLSX = $true $run For SSRS = $false #XLS Management $xls Work Dir Root = "C:\SP_Update Url Ref\Files To Convert" $download XLS = $false $upload Converted XLSFiles = $false $delete Old XLSFile After Upload = $false #Sites to ignore by site title $Sites To Ignore = "John Doe", "Special Site" # List of site collections to run script on: $web App Urls = " # " #" #" , " # Url of reporting services webservice and site collection to run ssrs mapping on: $report Server Uri = " Server/Report Service2010.asmx? WSDL" # Url to ssrs site/doclib where to look in all children for ssrs reports $ssrs Report Doc Lib = " # Used to authenticate with SSRS Share Point webservice $username = "SP_Farm" $password = "********" $open XMLLib Dir = "C:\SP_Update Url Ref\Lib\Document Format. Open Xml.dll" $excel Web UIDLL = "C:\Windows\Microsoft.

By construction, XML documents are conforming SGML documents.

Then convert them to XLSX and upload them to your Share Point portal again.

This process is also partly automated using multiple scripts.

XML documents are made up of storage units called entities, which contain either parsed or unparsed data.

Parsed data is made up of characters, some of which form character data, and some of which form markup.

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