Updating personal information on voter registration for harris county texas

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Registered voters ages 65 or older on Election Day, voters away from the county during both Early Voting and Election Day, and voters limited by disability are among those eligible to vote by mail. Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program's website for more information on this program and to download a FPCA form. If you are a registered voter eligible to vote by the date of the Runoff Election, you may vote in the Runoff even if you did not vote in the original election.For more information on this convenience or to request a Ballot By Mail Application, visit the Voting by Mail section of the Harris County Election's Office website. You cannot, however, vote in one party's Primary Election and the other party's Primary Runoff Election in the same year. The Elections Division is also open during the hours that the polls are open on all uniform election dates (2nd Saturday in May and 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November), on the primary and primary runoff election dates (1st Tuesday in March of even-numbered years and 2nd Tuesday in April following the primary), and the dates on which special statewide and federal elections may be ordered. Please call the Elections Division staff if we can be of assistance.In some counties, the County Clerk or County Elections Administrator registers voters.If for any reason you cannot register yourself, with your permission, your spouse, parent or child may fill out and sign an application for you if that person is a registered voter or has applied for voter registration.This person is known as your "agent." The application must be received in the County Voter Registrar's office or postmarked 30 days before an election in order for you to be eligible to vote in that election.The address for Harris County is: Mike Sullivan, Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar, PO Box 3527, Houston, TX 77253-3527.If you are new to Harris County, you will need to complete a new Voter Registration Application.

From our website, you may request that we send you an official, postage-paid application.

Voters with a religious objection to being photographed or voters who do not have a ID due to certain natural disasters may apply for a temporary exemption to showing ID at the polls.

Please contact your voter registrar for more details.

You may request a Ballot By Mail Application beginning January 1st of each year. You are not required to show you Voter Registration Certificate to vote.

All requests must be received by the Elections Office no later than 11 days before Election Day. However, if you have not received a copy of your current card, you may request a new one from the Harris County Voter Registrar's Office.

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