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Oddly the book of Daniel, which seemingly issues the most pivotal prophecy regarding the origin of this personage, does not once mention the Hebrew word Ashur, or Ashshur, which is translated as Assyria, or Assyrian.This term is utilized within the Old Testament approximately 135 times; however, Daniel considered by many to be a prophetic authority on the subject of the Antichrist, apparently didn’t feel the Assyrian shoe fit the foot of this coming crazed world leader.The Historical argument will conclude part one of this article and the Prophetical will be discussed in part two.Full article Don Koenig is the founder of The Prophetic Years website.The whole concept of an Islam Antichrist is fantasy.PROPHECY DEPOT: Does Daniel Debunk the Assyrian Antichrist?Relatively recently a small circle of individuals have injected into the Christian Church a paradigm shift in Antichrist thinking.

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Will the Antichrist and his Beast government come from Islam Dr Reagan has written a very scholarly work why the Antichrist will not be a Muslim.The Sharia is a massive body of regulations based on precepts found in the Koran and the other holy books of Islam.It covers both the most intimate aspects of life (such as personal hygiene and sexual relations) and the most public (such as taxation and warfare).It was fundamentalists who, for example, overthrew the pro-Western regime of the shah of Iran, attacked the Grand Mosque in Mecca, assassinated Sadat, and blew up the U. From Morocco to Indonesia, fundamentalist Muslims pursue a political program that derives from their understanding of the Islamic law, the Sharia.For them, the regulations contained in this divine code are the key to politics.

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