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There are 4 volumes: a transcript of a discussion event on 'how literature should be taught', and details of (and our thanks to!) the project partners, without whose support, the visit could not have taken place: University of Bucharest, The Romanian Cultural Institute, The Writers' Union, and the National Museum of Romanian Literature. 7.99 (6 contributors), or 11.99 with companion CD Most of the poems have previously been published by magazines and in collections so the anthology presents a fair sampling of what publishers currently see as good poetry. an unusually large number of good poems for an anthology" Katrina Naomi, poet And the Story So Far...The Caf has been a virtual hotbed of discussion as the students delved into a multitude of English cultural references, seeking exactly the right Romanian equivalent, with English-speaking writers contributing helpful (hopefully! The Caf is now principally an online journal, with downloads of each issue available as free downloads.Prof Dr Vianu has also arranged with the Romanian National Broadcasting Corporation to put out some 30 or more 10 minute radio shows, each one devoted to one of the participating poetry p f poets.George Sandulescu is the Executive Advisor to the project.Several texts have been published, including a Rom/Eng collection, Dan Verona: Selected Poems, which was translated from Romanian by members of the MTTLC members and polished by English-language poets who are members of poetry p f: Polishers: Helen Burke, Elizabeth Burns, Barbara Dordi, Hilary Elfick, Kate Foley, Maria Jastrzebska, Kavita Jindal, Angela Kirby, Philippa Lawrence, Ruth OCallaghan, William Oxley, Anne Stewart, Nigel Walker, Margaret Wilmot Translators: Iulia Anchidin, Veronica Anghel, Alexandra Blaj, Alina Blanaru, Dorina Burcea, Andreea Burtea, Alexandru Crtu, Gianina Csleanu, Anamaria Comes, Oana Craciunescu, Angela Craescu, Roxana Cristea, Roxana Dragusin, Cristina Florea, Lorena Fota, Alina Miron, Ruxandra Georgescu, Eliza Ghitulescu, Madalina Gorneanu, A.Each member of poetry p f was invited to send one short poem for the project.

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In a table i have list of rows and columns which means each row has 14 columns and each column has list of ... For some reason, it only creates a new row for the first record.Kouloumpatsani, Snziana Mihalache, Raluca Nebunoiu, Steliana Palade, Florentina Penciu, Ioana Petrescu, Oana Popescu, Florentina Rahira, Alina Rosu, Alexandra Srbu, Cristina Stafie, Teofana Trpcea. "The poets included were born between the years 19.The Romanian Pen Club, ed Lidia Vianu, selection of texts Constantin Abaluta, illustrations Cristina Ionna Young, translations by MA Programme participants and 21 English poets: Judi Benson, Helen Burke, Elizabeth Burns, Barbara Dordi, Hilary Elfick, Kate Foley, Wendy French, Angela Kirby, Maria Jastrzebska, Kavita Jindal, Moira Merryweather, Joan Michelson, Dan Moran, Ruth O'Callaghan, William Oxley, Rod Riesco, Doris Runey, Maggie Sawkins, Anne Stewart, Nigel Walker, Vicky Wilson. Although they were all born in Romania, they belong to two different worlds.Teaches creative writing and British literature at the Faculty of Letters, the Transilvania University in Brasov.Ph D student of Lidia Vianu; thesis the fiction of Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson.

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