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, (2011), Radiocarbon dates from the Oxford AMS system: Archaeometry datelist 34, Archaeometry, 53 (5) ,1067-1084 Higham, T. G., Compton, T., Stringer, C., Jacobi, R., Shapiro, B., Trinkaus, E., Chandler, B., Gröning, F., Collins, C., Hillson, S., O’Higgins, P., Fitz Gerald, C. , (2011), Precision dating of the Palaeolithic: A new radiocarbon chronology for the Abri Pataud (France), a key Aurignacian sequence, Journal of Human Evolution, 61(5),549-563 Manning, K., Pelling, R., Higham, T. , (2011), ‘Treasures of black wood, brilliantly polished’: five examples of Taíno sculpture from the tenth-sixteenth century Caribbean, Antiquity, 85,942-959 Ovodov, N. and Walter , B., (2012), Stratigraphic and technological evidence from the Middle Palaeolithic Châtelperronian-Aurignacian record at the Bordes-Fitte rockshelter (Roches d’Abilly site, Central France), Journal of Human Evolution, 62,116-137 Bonsall, C, Boronean, A., Soficaru, A., Mc Sweeney, K., Higham, T., Miritoiu, N, Pickard, C and Cook, G., (2012), Interrelationship of age and diet in Romania’s oldest human burial, Naturwissenschaften, 99 (4),321-325 Brock, F., Wood, R., Higham, T. G., Ditchfield, P., Bayliss, A., and Bronk Ramsey, C., (2012), Reliability of nitrogen content (%N) and carbon:nitrogen atomic ratios (C: N) as indicators of collagen preservation suitable for radiocarbon dating, Radiocarbon , 54 (3-4),879-886 Camps, M. G., (2012), New AMS dates for Abric Romani’s earliest Aurignacian, Journal of Human Evolution, 62 ,89-103 Dee, M. and Bronk Ramsey, C., (2012), Synchronising radiocarbon dating and the Egyptian historical chronology by improved sample selection, Antiquity,86 (333),868-883 Douka, K., Grimaldi, S., Boschian, G., del Lucchese, A., Higham, T. G, (2012), A new chronostratigraphic framework for the Upper Palaeolithic of Riparo Mochi (Italy), Journal of Human Evolution, 62,286-299 D’Errico, F., Blackwell, L., Villa, P., Degano, I., Luceiko, J., Bamford, M., Higham, T., Colombini, M. and Beaumont, P., (2012), Early Evidence of San material culture represented by Organic Artifacts from Border Cave, South Africa, PNAS, 109 (33),13214-13219 Higham, T. and Barnes, I, (2013), Late-glacial recolonization and phylogeography of European red deer (Cervus elaphus L., Molecular Ecology, , Early View doi: 10.1111/mec.12420. Sarpaki, S., Buckland, C., Doumas, C., (2013), Ancient pests, the season of the Santorini Minoan volcanic eruption and a date from insect chitin., , 100,683-689 Tacon, P. C., Boivin, N., Petraglia, M., Blinkhorn, J., Chivas, A., Roberts, R. G, de Torres, T., Tisnérat-Laborde, N., Valladas, H., Ortiz, J.

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Feeding ancient cities in South Asia: dating the adoption of rice, millet and tropical pulses in the Indus civilisation. El Castillo (Cantabria, northern Iberia) and the Transitional Aurignacian: Using radiocarbon dating to assess site taphonomy, , Available online 1 April 2016, ISSN 1040-6182, Identification of a new hominin bone from Denisova Cave, Siberia using collagen fingerprinting and mitochondrial DNA analysis. I., Sablin, M., Socha, P., Nadachowski, A., Prost, S., Germonpre, M., Kosintsev, P., Smirnov, N. C., Grigoriev, S., Fadeeva, T., Douka, K., Higham, T. G., Ersmark, E., Pitulko, V., Pavlova, E., Stewart, J. 57 (4), 1-11 Moncel, M-H, Pleurdeau, D., Ron Pinhasi, Reuven Yeshurun, Tamar Agapishvili, Tony Chevalier, F-X Le Bourdonnec, Gérard Poupeau, Sébastien Nomade, Richard Jennings, Tom Higham, Nickolas Tushubramishvili, David Lordkipanidze. The Middle Palaeolithic record of Georgia: a synthesis of the technological, economic and paleoanthropological aspects. E., Sikora, M, Sjogren, K-G, Rasmussen, S., Rasmussen, M., Stenderup, J., Damgaard, P. F., Maíllo-Fernández, J-M., Marom, A., Maroto, J., Menéndez, M., Metz, L., Morin,, (2014), The timing and spatio-temporal patterning of Neanderthal disappearance, Nature, 512,306–309Moncel, M-H., Pleurdeau, D., Tushubramishvili, N., Yeshurun, R., Agapishvili, T., Pinhasi, R. 350 (6262), 820-822 Howell, A, Jackson, J., England, P., Higham, T., Synolakis, C. Late Holocene uplift of Rhodes, Greece: evidence for a large tsunamigenic earthquake and the implications for the tectonics of the eastern Hellenic Trench System. Bonsall, C., Cook, G., Pickard, C., Mc Sweeney, K., Sayle, K., Bartosiewicz, L., Radovanović, I., Higham, T., Soficaru, A., Boroneanţ, A. Food for thought: re-assessing Mesolithic diets in the Iron Gates. D., Saag, L., Sablin, M., Shishlina, N., Smrcka, V., Soenov, V. V., Varul, L., Vicze, M., Yepiskoposyan, L., Zhitenev, V., Orlando, V., Sicheritz-Ponten, T., Brunak, S., Nielsen, R., Kristiansen, K., Willerslev, K. Malaspinas AS, Lao O, Schroeder H, Rasmussen M, Raghavan M, Moltke I, Campos PF, Sagredo FS, Rasmussen S, Gonçalves VF, Albrechtsen A, Allentoft ME, Johnson PL, Li M, Reis S, Bernardo DV, De Giorgio M, Duggan AT, Bastos M, Wang Y, Stenderup J, Moreno-Mayar JV, Brunak S, Sicheritz-Ponten T, Hodges E, Hannon GJ, Orlando L, Price TD, Jensen JD, Nielsen R, Heinemeier J, Olsen J, Rodrigues-Carvalho C, Lahr MM, Neves WA, Kayser M, Higham T, Stoneking M, Pena SD, Willerslev E. Two ancient human genomes reveal Polynesian ancestry among the indigenous Botocudos of Brazil. J., Draily, C., Froment, A., Galván, B., Gambassini, P., Garcia-Moreno, A., Grimaldi, S., Haesaerts, P., Holt, B., Iriarte-Chiapusso, M-J., Jelinek, A., Jordá Pardo, J. E., Arrizabalaga, A., Camps, M., Fallon, S., Iriarte-Chiapusso, M.-J., Jones, R.., Maroto, J., de la Rasilla, M., Santamaría, D., Soler, J., Soler, N., Villaluenga, A. Dating the Thera (Santorini) eruption: archaeological and scientific evidence supporting a high chronology. A., Prüfer, K., de Filippo, C., Meyer, M., Zwyns, N., Salazar-Garcia, D.

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