New ideas for updating the network architecture department

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The forum is meant as an opportunity for each candidate to declare their vision for the future of Los Angeles and describe a path for how we get there. By participating in Biz Fed's annual survey we can help influence policy and directions!! 2012 proved to be a great success for AIA|LA's Home Tour Series, as well as their brand new Modernist/Contemporary Tour featuring midcentury homes restored by Contemporary architects. Edible gardens and urban farms help provide access to safe, healthy and affordable food to underserved neighborhoods throughout our City.With much ambition, AIA|LA is looking to launch yet another tour this year, the Residential Monographs Tour! AIA|LA addresses the recent Los Angeles Times article concerning the negligent activities of an individual purporting to be an architect, and how those activities resulted in the tragic death of a Los Angeles Firefighter. They enliven our streetscapes and add verdancy to our urban realm.The proposed ordinance will provide flexibility with regards to parking requirements through out Los Angeles by enabling specific districts to customize the parking regulations that work best for the immediate neighborhood.

This important first step in improving the zoning code will also allow more time for planners to perform essential planning functions.AIA, whom the design and architecture community recently lost last year.In honor of his award and his legacy to the design community, we have asked his husband, Jonathan Cowan to discuss John and his work. The American Institute of Architects Los Angeles (AIA|LA) cares about the professional development of its members and wishes to continually support the next generation of architects.The proposed ordinance will help clarify language in the City's zoning code, making it more consistent and transparent, which will in turn create a better understanding of expectations of the planning process.We also support the ordinance's intent to consolidate common findings within the code.

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