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She is programmed to shed her old personality to become a little bimbo whore who wants nothing but to fuck and suck the first cock that she sees.File Size :911mb Resolution :1920x1080mp4 Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD Redhead Vampire Seduces Redhead Slave Ludella Hahn is a redheaded vampire who has found herself a redheaded victim (Chrissy Daniels) while clubbing and was invited back to her room for a drink…and she took that invitation to mean a drink of Chrissy.He agrees and gives her his phone that has an entrancing app on it. POV begins the brainwashing and has her repeat mantras of his control over her.He is Master and she must do everything he commands.Revenge Brainwashing Ludella Hahn is POVs bitchy coworker who acts rudely and arrogantly to him. She is now under his control; she just doesn't realize it yet.She makes POV do all her work for her so she can just play on her phone with her legs kicked up on her desk. When POV comes up to Ludella, who is texting on her phone at her desk, she doesn't even look up to see him. For all her years of controlling and humiliating him, he is really going to have some fun controlling her. The entrire time she's doing a sexy striptease for him, she's still taunting him and making fun of him for being such a loser.She takes off her coat to reveal she has been wearing nothing but lingerie and stockings.She puts Chrissy into a trance when she seems concerned about Ludella’s intentions.

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She takes her pantyhose legs off her desk and leans in to show how serious she is now. Ludella again taunts him, and humors him, saying she will prove how sad and pathetic he is.

He has her bend over with her BIG BUTT in his face repeating "I have a big butt," and spanking herself while he takes photos.

He then has her walk around in a mindless zombie state with her hands in front repeating more mantra of her being his brainwashed slave.

After a few more reprogramming attempts, there is a sudden transformation and it appears that there is now time to have some fun with our well programmed sex toys.

Looks like Daniel is the winner, Megan following her programming, starts to give the lucky guy and blow/hand job combination while I get to watch the other two making love.

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