Mtv true life interracial dating

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I went from being a struggling actress to marrying my dream guy, building my dream home, filming a TV series and giving birth to a prince. What's the most rewarding part about being a new mom?Based on the past four months, the most rewarding moment for me is when my son looks at me -- it's as if I am his world, and his smile is just absolutely contagious. I think the urge and yearning to get on TV has subsided a little bit since I filmed my show and had my son, but the dream never dies.

He films and edits and I work with all the models, act in videos and do customers service.

Plus, I just took a meeting yesterday at a network to get to know the casting department and read for them on film -- they are looking for disabled actors, and I was one of the ones they called in, which was really cool! From what I've researched, an extreme correction in vision isn't the norm, and getting my eyeballs popped out of my head still kind of freaks me out.

I also have been assistant teaching at a children's theater, which has taught me so much about both teaching and theater. I think I'll know more once I get out into the world and am auditioning more. I'll be an acting apprentice at the Williamstown Theater Festival for the summer, and then I'll be back in the city looking for a job either teaching or nannying while auditioning. My husband Nathan and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy Dominic Thomas Cabral on January 11, 2015.

True Life, a documentary series running on MTV since March 24, 1998, has covered over 140 topics from drug use, money issues, and sexual topics to simple social behavior like visiting the Jersey Shore.

MTV's "True Life: Checkups and Check-Ins" visited some of the show's most memorable subjects from the last decade to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped.

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