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For instance, a text or call constitutes one point. According to him, if a man calls a woman, he now has one point.

A Facebook message or post is half a point, while leaving a voicemail or stopping by someone’s apartment is two points. If he then drops something off at her apartment, he has two points, giving him a total of three points. Oates, who advises others to use his three point rule, or his “dating game,” said it serves as guideline to know when to give up pursuing a person.

Stephanie Tenney, a 32-year-old church member, said other people’s remarks can be hurtful as well.

He said married couples can find many practical incentives to stick with the gospel because they are raising a family, but it can be more challenging for single adults.

This disconnect and feeling of loneliness is felt in moments spent with younger people at YSA ward activities or at church, according to Vandagriff.

Oates says the three points rule, as described in his You Tube video, “is all a game.” Oates says a man and a woman each start out with zero points, and their dating actions, such as calls or gifts, award them certain points.

Once someone hits three points, they’ve done enough to try contacting the other person.

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