Magnetic dating

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The Elliot Formation contains many fossils that shed light on the existence and evolution of dinosaurs in southern Africa.This is especially interesting as the Formation is thought to span the end-Triassic mass extinction event.This work is very interesting because there have been a number of recent papers linking sudden changes in the magnetic field with climate change and civilisation collapse e.g. I’m investigating whether I can see any evidence for this.In this post I have only briefly mentioned some of the applications of archaeomagnetism: it is a fascinating field with new methods and ideas being tested every day.Although my Ph D is in archaeomagnetism I am interested in many aspects of geology particularly chemical geology, metamorphic assemblages and palaeontology and graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2010 with a Masters of Earth Science.In my spare time I play many sports including Ultimate Frisbee and I enjoy reading and socialising.

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I myself am focused on trying to gather well-dated archeointensity data from Turkey for the dual purpose of enabling archaeomagnetic dating in the future as well as allowing us to accurately reconstruct changes in the geomagnetic field.

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View the full list Covering two thirds of South Africa the Karoo Basin, visually, is a beautiful space.

When looking more deeply into its rock layers, like leafing through the pages of a book, one can read about a wealth of palaeoevinromental and biological processes.

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