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From the time she'd had her first experience with another woman, Cathy had been a confirmed bisexual.A practice that continued up to this day, even after 8 years of marriage.Every small town PTA, just like their big city counterparts, had their own Dolores Azucena.A frustrated, stuck up biddy who was determined to save the world from the immoral attitudes of less enlightened folk.Don't miss these beefy boys fucking each other into madness. Join now and get tons of high-quality 3D gay content!Have you ever wanted to watch what goes on at the set of a real gay porn shoot?The response to her stories in that time had been nothing less than phenomenal.Her fan email after each new story usually ran from five hundred to a thousand.

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Join now and get FREE access to some hot bonus sites!The woman had been speaking non-stop for over half an hour.The worst part of it was that Dolores was simply going over what had become by now a tired and familiar path.Part One - Author, Author "This meeting is never going to end," Cathy Donohue thought to herself as she looked up on the wall of the makeshift conference room and saw that it was already twenty to eleven.The regular PTA meeting had broken up over an hour ago and this little gathering of the executive committee was supposed to be brief.

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