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Sam: Important to note that women outside of media get these types of messages as well. Eve: The most interesting vehicle to look at for all the flirty messages we get from men—both single and wifed-up—is not necessarily the unsolicited dick pic, but the ones that are more feelings-centric.

Like these guys read your writing, and then they want to connect with you on an emotional level, because they have some image of you from whatever personal essay they read of yours.

There's something, and forgive me for using this word, inherently "naughty" about a Snapchat.

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Eve: I always wonder how their girlfriends feel about it. Eve: I've had so many wifed-up men talk to me in a way where if I was their girlfriend, I'd be upset. Eve: Quick side note—I am currently DM-ing [redacted, BUT DON'T WORRY HE'S SINGLE] being like, "Send me selfies." actually send people selfies or DMs, what's your typical intention?

Sam: It's not like they're saying, "Hey, I want to solicit some communication from you." I also think that specifically DMs, messages, and especially like random-ass selfies make it all the more sus.

Late at night, that's when you're about intimate things.

He doesn’t care how many partners you’ve had; it’s all in the past. To find out the answer, fall back to the fundamentals: identifying the addict is the first step. One-night stands, extra-marital affairs, GPS hook-ups, obsessive online dating.

And when it comes to sex addiction, that first step is a doozy. The list is long and gets darker the further down you go: compulsive masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, prostitutes."If you’re married, your acceptable sexual behavior may be defined differently than if you’re single,” says Mike Weiss, a certified addiction therapist and founder of The Sexual Recovery Institute.

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