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We were invited to his house on the first night of our stay.I was introduced to his girlfriend Anne who suggested that I went out for a drink with her the following evening. But I must warn you that we play for quite high stakes." "Thanks, that's fine," I replied, thinking that I could take these guys on easily, and make some extra spending money. I had already noticed them eying me up from across the room.As women do, to feel good, I had put on a brand new black lacy bra and thong set, even though I had thought that the only man to see me in them would my boyfriend.Ted stepped back, and there was silence for a moment as the men admired the sight of my breasts swelling out of the low cups -then whistles and mutters of appreciation followed.Amid some laughter and joking the highest bid was made by Ted, who I had noticed staring at my breasts a lot.I stood up, and to shouts of encouragement, he very slowly drew my sweater over my head, craftily running his fingers over the tops of my breasts as he did so.

I could feel my pussy starting to lubricate, and was suddenly aware of the way the thong pulled against my clit.I volunteered my skirt next, and after some banter, Bill was the highest bidder.He led me to the centre of the room, so that they could get a good view, after I had taken a quick gulp of bourbon for courage.My boyfriend would be attending a seminar, and Sam and some pals would be having their weekly card school, so we would both be free. Thinking that I was going to some smart places with Anne, who was very glamorous, I had dressed in a tight white mohair sweater, and a short Ted skirt with matching spike sandals, and had used my modelling sheen oil on my long bare legs.So it was agreed that I would take a taxi over to Sam's, where Anne would meet me. However, it turned out that Anne couldn't meet me, because her mother had been taken ill. On the other side of the room two men sat at a card table. "As it happens, I enjoy poker, and have played quite a bit on the Internet," I replied. I was definitely over-dressed for a quiet card game, and couldn't blame them for staring.

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