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I always thought if was Peterson, but perhaps I was/am wrong and it’s Pederson Lake. For that matter, how about Hartley Lake and Sand Lake?Were they named after early settlers in their respective areas?, Darlene Rohrer, Arline Lamoureux, Ann Lamoureux, ?? He has a daughter 3 years old and two boys ages 5 & 6. They have had limited access to using computers pretty much only being able to watch and observe others while they are on computers.We have two used Acer laptops that we purchased when were back in the states that we have set up for the local kids to use.Reply from Rod Hiatt (’69): Bottineau, ND Gary I remember ordering this rifle from a gentleman in Texas who did all the engraving and fancy work for us.I don’t remember who actually won the rifle, but I know at one time it was on display at the Bottineau Courthouse.

When I talked to Bev Handeland Hamnes, cousin to the Pederson siblings, she said Charles’ nick name was Sonny. We have a wide driveway and I did finish shoveling it out.

Grandma was beside herself and I am sure the influence of alcohol was weighed and condemned.

The pluck and draw event must have stretched far into the night. Altman had given Mary Louise Tennancour La France, Evelyn’s mother, a Blue Ribbon Cook Book in 1912, according to the inscription on the back cover.

Gary, Three comments: First, we didn’t get the high number of 26″, but we did get about 18″ at our house. But, now I ache all over even in places I’d forgotten I had.

Biggest problem is that even when we get out of our development, we can’t get anywhere because they have yet to plow most side streets, etc. I personally don’t care for that 40 below stuff anymore, but I also am not crazy for the summer weather we get our here where we get so many hot, humid, sticky days and where if we are lucky it might get down into the low seventies at night. ) Secondly, we used to go swimming in Peterson Lake every summer when we lived on my Aunt Ester’s place (Note my spelling.).

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