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The picturesque Rawa Castle was built by King Casimir III the Great in order to oversee and protect the southern parts of Mazovia, according to the ancient Chronicle of Jan Długosz.Another chronicler, Jan of Czarnków claimed however that the Castle was founded by Siemowit III, Duke of Masovia.It is not known when the construction began: probably it was in 1355.The castle was not completed until 1370, and by then, it served as administrative center of the Duchy of Rawa, which was independent in 1455-62.On December 7, 1462, King Casimir IV visited the castle, announcing the incorporation of the Duchy of Rawa, and creation of Rawa Voivodeship.In 1507, the complex burned in a fire, and two years ago, its reconstruction began.On February 4, 1863, Rawa was captured by the rebels of the January Uprising.The town was almost completely destroyed in 1915 during World War I, and once again in World War II, after which 60% of all buildings were left in ruins.

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Since Rawa Castle was regarded as a modern fortress, in 1559 the so-called Rawa Treasure was placed here: the tax money needed to finance regular army.

The Jews died as the result of starvation diet and occasional executions carried out in the castle.

The murderous liquidation of the ghetto began on 27 October 1942.

Development of military technology made the complex obsolete by the mid-17th century.

In September 1655, it was captured by Swedes during the Deluge.

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