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If you haven't already you might want to select Yes in your Global Configuration-The captcha would probably be pretty effective on the registration form.

If you can set the characters generated by it to 6 or 7.

They all have some bogus username and the e-mail address is made up of the same name @There are approximately 2-3 registrations of this kind on my site per day. Examples:11 ylxlvfe ylxlvfe Enabled Registered [email protected] 7212 hjximoxo hjximoxo Enabled Registered [email protected] 7313 ivxsrywuj ivxsrywuj Enabled Registered [email protected] 7414 chimchans chimchans Enabled Registered [email protected] 7515 trastuso trastuso Enabled Registered [email protected] 7616 wmsets wmsets Enabled Registered [email protected] 7717 kashollp kashollp Enabled Registered [email protected] 7818 Kedeaaa Kedeaaa Enabled Registered [email protected] 7919 nanoidel nanoidel Enabled Registered [email protected] 8020 mankartenb mankartenb Enabled Registered [email protected] 8121 sutshamol sutshamol Enabled Registered [email protected] 8222 wopressk wopressk Enabled Registered [email protected] 8323 dutareyor dutareyor Enabled Registered [email protected] 8424 xolonho xolonho Enabled Registered [email protected] 8525 perrokits perrokits Enabled Registered [email protected] 8626 labingda labingda Enabled Registered [email protected] 8727 rararbol rararbol Enabled Registered [email protected] 8828 salxmblimd salxmblimd Enabled Registered [email protected] 8929 regerno regerno Enabled Registered [email protected] 9030 chuppeth chuppeth Enabled Registered [email protected] 91These are registrations from a type of Spambot.

The spambots look for any type of form on the web and try to fill in the form with spam in the hopes that the spam will be posted to a guestbook or forum or even just spamming the email recipient of the form.

This is happening fairly frequently (30-50 every few weeks).

Here is an example of one of the emails i get telling me an attempt has been made to register a user :-A new User has registered at XYZThis e-mail contains their details: Name - gromokiltus E-mail - [email protected] - gromokiltus Please do not respond to this message as it is automatically generated and is for information purposes only Hi there, I started having the same spam user registrations on my site since approximately the same date.

Well I hope this help to others dealing with bots registrations.

Does anybody have any recommendations to address this issue beyond the implmentation of re CAPTCHA? The problem with that method is the aount of bounces you get when the ficticious email comes back empty.

also with gmail, they have plenty of space for confirmations to be stored.

Though, I cannot confirm and highly doubt it is due exclusively to Joomla 1.5.

I am now using SMF 2.0 / SJSB for registration but have just recently enabled Virtuemart.

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