Chat with naughty married men

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While it is unknown what profile or photos she posted on the various websites, they clearly appealed to a certain type of man.All those who were to come into contact with her were younger than her, the youngest being in his mid-30s.When the girl told her to stay away from her father she replied: ‘Your dad is a sex pest.’On August 15 Lewis sent intimate pictures of the man to his wife and set up an online profile using the same photos, calling him a rapist.The court heard that the man was so depressed by what had happened that he had ‘contemplated suicide by walking onto some train tracks’.In December, she had her eyes on another married man, this time a decorated officer in the Royal Navy.

A mother of two, having temporarily split from her doctor husband last year, Lewis posted profiles under assumed names on a number of dating websites.‘Scarlet’, as she was known, clearly was not shy about what she was after, listing herself on one website as a ‘cougar’— a word used to describe women looking for sex with younger men.

All five claimed to be single but were married, the majority were parents, and all were living outwardly extremely respectable lives.

Lewis clearly had something of a thing for men in uniform. The Daily Mail can reveal that they included officers from both the Army and the Navy, men whose service had seen them lauded for bravery and whose official duties brought them into contact with members of the Royal Family.

One man was so distressed he was pushed to the brink of suicide after Lewis threatened to show his wife a naked picture of him.

Appearing in court last week having admitted five counts of stalking and one count of ‘revenge porn’, Lewis was handed a suspended prison sentence.

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