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Again, you might like to open the source code for this form in a separate window, so that you can refer to it as we talk you through.

Like our previous example, this page has a form called start at zero (for the first option).

My issue is how to make that text field required, but only required based on drop down selection. I am writing a script that validates two select menus. I need to check that it is not "empty" and if not they are alpha characters with -, space and ' special characters and with a limit of 30 chars. @eyefly: I'm guessing you're using cgiemail to process your form on the server?Form validation is the process of checking that a form has been filled in correctly before it is processed.For example, if your form has a box for the user to type their email address, you might want your form handler to check that they've filled in their address before you deal with the rest of the form.Then, after they fill in the "Name" field and press "Send Details" again, it will prompt them for the "Gender" field.As a finishing touch, try making the script move the cursor to the field that needs filling in each time ( I'm hoping you can provide me with some guidance.

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