Amy poehler dating adam scott

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I mean, you know, I guess this is more a question for Mike. That was a great – a really high-quality emulsification on your part. As of last week we officially seen all of Amy’s UCB costars — which was so much fun. If there is a next season — which we’re optimistic that there is one at least here — are there any plans of maybe having Tina Fey guest star. And he just came and did the part and he was so, so, so, so funny.

But I sort of got the sense that we’re going to – you know, they were going to try that out and just see if it works. Mike, I guess that’s more a question for you because I don’t really totally know. Adam Scott: Because I know for a fact it’s a brand new phone and you have excellent reception. Amy Poehler: We never know who’s going to come around and certainly we haven’t even thought about what we’re going to shoot next year. And then we just someone calls him and says hey come do the show. I believe – I think the news has broken, Amy, about the thing that you were alluding to. So I think that it’s a crazy embarrassment of riches when you have a cast as good as our cast and then you can because the show really exists in the town Pawnee you get to meet all these fun new people.

So, in the case of Leslie and Ben, could you all talk a little bit about what challenges are still ahead for them?

How do you maintain the comic tension once they become husband and wife? Just speaking quickly to the fact what I love about Parks is that, you know, if you care about this couple, you’ve got to see over the past couple years so much change happen with them and it’s really satisfying the show hasn’t killed us with low expectation and will they/won’t they — which I love.

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And Leslie has an event that she’s planning for — which is sort of like a correspondents’ dinner type of event where the media and politicians roast each other and stuff.So everybody kind of has a role to play and Tom Haverford becomes the officiant and has to get like ordained online in like an hour and Donna plays a role and that we’re for the first time are going to feature beautiful and professionally trained singing voice on the show a couple times…Amy Poehler: Oh yes that’s a good one. We let her pick which aria she wanted to perform, so that was fun.And it just what’s really nice about it is basically in the opening moments of the episode in order to pull this thing off in sort of claustrophobic Parks and Rec fashion everyone has to sort of chip in. TV has a lot of examples of will they or won’t they couples who then took the plunge in one way or another and often that made it very challenging for the shows going forward in some way, some of the magic was lost.And that episode — the cold open of that episode — is Leslie and Ben coming back from their honeymoon and just sort of talking about how much fun they had on their honeymoon.But the episode is just a regular episode of Parks and Rec and Leslie and Ben aren’t in the same story.

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