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It can replace the word "very" or "really," but it always goes at the end of the sentence.

Example sentence: "Her outfit is snatched." A group of friends that the teen regularly hangs out with. Example sentence: "I'm going to the game with the squad tonight." This phrase means the person is just trying to get attention and often in desperate and not very attractive ways. She's just thirsty." This is simply the word "yes" with a lot of emphasis. " While the words above definitely shouldn't send you tripping, there are some versions of teen slang that parents should be aware of.

If you hear your child saying the term "zip ghost," it's time to sit up and take notice.

Example sentence: "She was a zip ghost last night." Believe it or not, most teens do not want you to use this slang with them in everyday conversation.

Example sentence: "FUBB." This word is a combination of hungry and angry.

According to Urban Dictionary, the word has been around since 2007, but it seems to have reappeared among the teens surveyed for this article and is still being used regularly. I'm getting hangry." The Onion is an online publication that produces satirical articles that are completely ridiculous and untrue.

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