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This is part of a Luftwaffe map (from the British Library) for Manchester, showing the camp circled with a note for bomber crews to avoid hitting the area.

The note says “Achtung Deutsches Gefangenenlager in Oldham – Leeds” (“Attention German prison camp in Oldham – Leeds”; the cartographer confusing the Oldham place name Lees with that of the city of Leeds) The British Library.

He was ignored and believing he was about to be over-run by the mass of prisoners, he fired from the hip into the crowd.

The bullet struck 18 years old Paul Hartmann, killing him instantly.

Please see the image below from the Daily Herald showing Po Ws giving the Nazi salute at Paul Hartman’s funeral.

Below; Photos taken at Glen Mill POW camp on Christmas Eve 1940. The same day these photos were taken, just a few miles away in Manchester, fire crews were dealing with the results of Luftwaffe bombing raids on the city. Click on this link for more about air raids on Manchester.

Winter of 1947 very harsh the approach to drill hall was snowed up every morning 2 prisoners from Glen Mill were sent to clear the snow.

The one who spoke English best was Paul Lebau who had been a Po W for some years, some of them spent in Canada before coming to Glen.

Below; This first photo shows a new wall on top of what was a pill box overlooking the main entrance. Below; Bit of metal jutting out of the ground in the woods between the camp and the river. Some iron gates nearby appear to date from the war too.

Mabel wrote “My husband was invalided out of the Army 1946?

& given a job looking after Springhead Drill Hall & lived in the adjoining house.

Photo above; is looking towards the site of Glen Mill from the line of the now dismantled railway. These photos were taken January 2013 during a visit to look for traces of the camp.

There is not much left, though some local people were able to confirm the spot.

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